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Amber Delger, Pastor


David Anderson, Minister of Music

David Anderson was born and raised in Lawton, Ok. David sang as a child and started at the age of 12 on trumpet, then moved to percussion, and now mainly plays piano/synth.  David has a lot of positive experiences from which to draw.  David started playing piano/organ at church at the age of 14. David played about 25 seasons as a percussionist with the Lawton Philharmonic Orchestra.  David has played many musicals, accompanied many soloists and ensembles, and loves to do MIDI sequencing making custom karaoke soundtracks in his home.  David taught school music for 10 years at the junior high level.  David is also a private pilot, loves to juggle and really likes the healing power of humor through stand-up comedy or sit-down comedy (if he's not at the piano). David is also adjunct faculty at Cameron University in Lawton, Ok. First Christian Church is fortunate to welcome David as part of worship team and our overall ministry.


Teckla Ryans, Secretary

Teckla is bringing 31 1/2 years of experience as an Administrative Assistant.  She is a mother, grandmother, and a widow.

She loves to craft, being with her friends, and enjoying life.

Teckla has been a member of First Christian Church of Lawton for  3 years. She also owns a cat Minerva, and a dog Luna. Also a member of Mountain Metro Ambucs (a civic organization). She also helps with the Dannie and Rafie Clothes Closet. 

Konrad Delger, Facilities Manager

Brian Herring, Sound Technician

Beverly Watson, Nursery

Evan Aubrey, Media Technician

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