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Lawton's First Church

On August 4, 1901, First Christian Church met for its first worship under a tent. Tents were about the only shelter available on the 320 acres of prairie grassland slated to become the city of Lawton. That same tent served as an aid to the weary, dust-laden travelers who arrived from all parts of the United States. This was the beginning of what would become a community called to embody God’s love.


As days turned into weeks and weeks, a plan developed for a building. A frame church was built on the corner of 7th and D Avenue. Over the next three decades a new building was constructed and membership flourished. More importantly, the community dreamed and envisioned a church fully engaged in Lawton. It became a safe-haven for children, soldiers, families in need, and individuals in search of God.

Through the years, First Christian Church has grown and declined, struggled and persevered, questioned and dreamed…consistently serving as a community of hope and love. As we turn a new page in our long history we invite you to join us on the journey to new life.

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